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From keeping you motivated and accountable – to helping you get more out of your website, I am invested in your projects as much as you are.

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Website & Graphic Design Services

"When You Hire Me, I'm Dedicated To Your Project From That Point Until Completion!"

Hi, I'm Ted Forte founder and creator of  I am a Professional Freelance Web Designer who would love to help you build your brand and your presence online.  I created TFWebWorks to showcase my designs to the world, hopefully you will find my work appealing and contact me for your web design project.

Though the name TFWebWorks is still constantly trying to gain recognition, I actually have over 15 years of design experience and really enjoy what I do.  Creating High Quality Designs at prices that provide most people and businesses with the desire to get online, the ability to do so, that's what I enjoy.  I enjoy working with people, proving to them that it's not all about the money with me; I actually want to help you with your online marketing project or establishing your brand. 

It was only a few years ago, that I noticed businesses in my area of Southern Arkansas, were not taking advantage of the web.  I mean, you'd see the occasional website, but mostly it would be dated or not really maintained. There just really wasn't many businesses establishing their presence online.  Whether they were just afraid of it costing too much or they thought it would be too difficult, I'm not sure why, but I decided I would try to do something about it and offer my services.

Over the years I've created Website Design Packages that allow me to provide my clients with the dynamic designs, tools, features and functions that rival those of Bigger Design Firms, accept at a budget friendly price.  Doing business with me, I can promise you it doesn't require taking out a loan or dipping into your kids college funds, my prices are fair and affordable.  No matter what type of design - Business or Personal, TFWebWorks will work with you and your budget to help create something attractive and fully functional. A Website that will represent you, 24/7 online, even when your physical establishment may be closed. A Logo that you can place on company vehicles and t-shirts. 

At least contact me before following the crowd or allowing commercials to make you feel like you "have" to be locked in to their Do-It-Yourself web services.  If you don't like what I can offer, you're free to go with who you want after that.  You have nothing to lose by contacting me, but don't rule out what you may have to gain & save.

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